Headed to South Carolina, Ashley gets behind the wheel

Full concentration, hands at 10 and 2.

From North Carolina, we made our longest trek yet, a lengthy 406 miles, to Walterboro, South Carolina. We picked Walterboro because there is a small state park located about 80 miles from Savannah and 50 miles from Charleston. Since both cities were on the top of our must-see list, Colleton State Park was perfect for us for a 5-night stay. It took about 7 hours and 15 minutes to get there and I drove the rig for the first time!

Getting behind the wheel of a 40+ foot rig and keeping up with 70 MPH traffic was somewhat intimidating. The first 20 minutes were anxiety-ridden but once I settled in, the next hour and 40 minutes were generally stress-free. Two hours was enough for my first ride, but I think I prefer highway driving over the small roads Paul navigates to get to the campgrounds. Who would imagine that Paul would be the primary driver as I’ve driven him around for 10+ years? About time, right?!

Once we arrived at Colleton, the friendly host drove us to our pull-through spot. When reserving our spot, it indicated that it was “moderately level” but leveling the 5th wheel wasn’t too bad and we settled in quickly. The campground was small, quiet, and located right on Edisto River. There was one small walking trail that was a .3-mile loop and included an area filled with cypress trees. We enjoyed walking around and unfortunately (or fortunately) didn’t see any gators as advertised in various reviews and on signs posted around the park.

There’s the beauty, in all her glory.
Cypress trees in the Colleton State Park.
Watch out Jackson, we don’t want you to be gator bait.

We realized that night that the weather was going to be a bit rainy with some thunderstorms during our stay so we planned our week out to capitalize on any good weather. We decided that even though we were a bit tired, we would travel to Georgia the next day and Charleston the next. We would then take the next day or two to work on the blog. You can read about our day trips to Georgia HERE and Charleston HERE!

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